Agnes Martin and I Draw the Line

Agnes Martin and I Draw the Line

Drawing the Line is the title both of my recent show in NYC and of a new book on the early work of Agnes Martin by Christina Bryan Rosenberger.

Obviously, other artists besides myself and Martin draw lines. Line is a common theme in the our work because we both have found geometry, specifically the grid, to be a potent source of inspiration. For Martin and myself, the graphite line in oil paintings is an even closer commonality. 

The Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim and my show at Galerie Mourlot were ten blocks apart on the Upper East Side. There are several other correspondences: we have both adhered to the square, and have used short aphoristic statements in connection with our paintings. I, too, was influenced by fabric/collage artist Lenore Tawney. 

For these reasons and more, I feel a kinship to Agnes Martin. 

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